Major Requirements

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Three Introductory Courses
[1] ECON 110 Principles of Microeconomics
[2] ECON 120 Principles of Macroeconomics
[3] PSCI 110 Introduction to American Politics

One Empirical Methods Course
[4] POEC 253 Empirical Methods in Political Economy
or ECON 255 Econometrics

Three Political Economy Program Courses
[5] POEC 250 Economic Liberalism and Its Critics
[6] POEC 401 Contemporary Problems in Political Economy
[7] POEC 402 Political Economy of Public Policy Issues

Four Elective Courses in Two Categories
NOTE: Examples are below. See full list in the course catalog.

Two ‘skills’ electives: 1 ECON; 1 PSCI
[8 & 9] Examples
ECON 233 Behavioral Economics and Public Policy
ECON 257 Economic Perspectives on Racial Inequality
ECON 389 Tax Policy in Global Perspective
PSCI 316 Policy Making Process
PSCI 381 The Conservative Welfare State

Two ‘depth’ electives: 1 PSCI; 1 PSCI or ECON
[10 & 11] Examples
PSCI 216 American Constitutionalism I
PSCI 241 Meritocracy
PSCI 224 Neo-liberalism
ECON 205 Public Economics
ECON 232 Financial Markets, Institutions and Policies

Experiential Education Requirement
All Political Economy majors are required to fulfill an experiential education requirement. This involves some element of community service, participation in the political process, or taking part in the making of or analysis of public policy beyond a purely academic engagement. This requirement is most often fulfilled through an internship or a winter study course.