Study Abroad

Despite the fact that Political Economy requires more courses than the typical major, many Political Economy majors go abroad. Since POEC 250 and POEC 253 are only offered in the fall semester each year, students considering spending only one semester abroad often find spring to be the better choice. Nonetheless, many students study away for the fall or the whole year. Political Economy majors have often been overrepresented in Williams at Oxford.

Before studying abroad, be sure you have the necessary pre-requisites for your senior year. POEC 401 must be taken in the fall of your senior year and has either POEC 253 or ECON 255 as a pre-requisite. Thus if you expect to be away during the fall of your junior year, it is critical that you either: (a) take POEC 253 fall of your sophomore year; or (b) complete MATH 130 as well as STAT 161 or 201 early enough that you can take ECON 255 (which is offered every semester) before the end of junior year. In addition, if you expect to be away fall of junior year, it is a good idea to take POEC 250 fall of sophomore year. Typically major credits obtained abroad are the depth electives. The Program generally grants credit for one course per semester abroad. Credit for three for an entire year abroad may be granted in extraordinary circumstances.